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Digestive Issues - Ulcer, Gas, Bloating and Indigestion.
by: Guro JoeR.,
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Fennel: Benefits include relief of Constipation, Indigestion, IBS & Bloating.
Not only does Fennel counter free radicals to protect cells, it may also have antibacterial properties and powerful antioxidants to reduce inflammation in our bodies.
A hybrid of watermint & spearmint, used as both culinary and medicinal, can contribute to healing and well being. Helps treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a disorder of the gastrointestinal system.
A relative of the Ginger, early research has shown that Turmeric helps symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome such as with indigestion. It fights the free radicals in your gut.
Its long history as a medicinal plant as well as in culinary it is used as a herbal remedy for stomach bloating by promoting complete digestion of the food we eat.
As a longtime sufferer of pain from heartburn, the experience I had of enduring many sleepless nights, losing productivity just standing around for hours at a time while immobilized by the pain I was feeling, I will now share and explain to you as best as I could as to how I got rid this agonizing malaise that has controlled and affected my everyday life.
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Gastric Ulcer

Caraway: Historically utilized to treat digestive conditions such as indigestion and ulcers.

Surgery, Not An Option

Afraid surgery may not work.
What started several years ago as gas and bloating turned into a never ending fight against a progressively worsening case of acid reflux. Medical intervention did not work and I did not want to undergo surgery. I opted instead for a method of holistic healing.

Dietary Supplements

A waste of money.
Dietary supplements such as MD recommended total restore, a claimed specialized blend of powerful ingredients designed to promote healthy gut lining was just another total waste of money. Three monthsí supply of "Total Restore" did nothing for me.
Pain that feels like a heart attack.

Heartburn, An Agonizing Pain

Healing Heartburn Holistically

It is my belief that before we can precede as to what is wrong with our digestive system we must understand how our stomach functions.
Whenever we eat something, food ends up in the stomach and then gets digested so that our bodies can begin to absorb its nutrients as it travels throughout our small and large intestine.

Digestion begins with our saliva and chewing food properly. Once we swallow the food it ends up in our stomach where it is further digested through the means of gastric acid, a digestive fluid formed in the stomach membrane. It is composed of hydrochloric acid, potassium chloride, and sodium chloride.

Key to our stomach digestive system is the inlet and outlet valves. These two valves are the Cardiac Sphincter valve which is for the inlet and the Pyloric Sphincter valve for the outlet. Also what you include to your diet could dramatically help your digestive system heal.

I have written a short E-book as to further explain its relationship to gas buildup and heartburn. You can acquire this important information as to how I fought my bouts of heartburn without surgery or the damaging long term use of medications. Instruction on accessing it is at the bottom of this web page.

With this E-book I also explain how I was able to know if it was my lower sphincter that was also the problem, also how I allowed my ulcer to heal and minimized heartburn to eventually become negligible in order to have a normal life free of pain again.

Bottom line is no amount of surgery such as tightening the upper sphincter is going to cure you of heartburn if your stomach is bubbling with gas and it feels as though it is ready to explode. The enormous amount of pressure inside your stomach from the buildup of gas if allowed to go on, will force this Cardiac Sphincter valve to open and spill acid up the esophagus. The more often this happens the more it damages the esophagus lining which could eventually lead to throat cancer.

Taking prolonged use of anti-acid medication can also give you side effects such as weakening your bones, kidney problems, and diarrhea. It is also a good idea to avoid certain habits, actions, and foods that could trigger heartburn.


Peppermint: Reduces pain and helps treat gastric/stomach problems from a host of causes.

Herbs, Fruits, Salt & Spices That Heal Heartburn Holistically

1. Milk Thistle:
Milk thistle is a flowering herb that is related to plants of the daisy and ragweed variety. It is a natural remedy for liver problems.

Sillymarin, the main ingredient of milk thistle is both an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. Toxins and other free radicals in the body that damage cell structures need to be countered with antioxidants in order for us to remain healthy.

Foods need to be properly digested to allow us to remain healthy. But do keep in mind that too much of anything can cause side effects including gas and bloating, the very essence of what we are trying to eliminate.

What we need in treating heartburn holistically is to tread a fine balance between the disease itself that we are trying to eradicate and the cure itself. Some caution is advised, as too much of anything is not good.
3. Ginger:
Ginger not only destroys the bad bacteria in your gut that can cause so many digestive issues associated with it, it also has many other possible medicinal uses. It is also known to relieve nausea, eases cold and flu symptoms, and it supports cardiovascular health.

 It is high in gingerol, a bioactive compound that is responsible for most of its medicinal properties including powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants effects.

Ginger certainly qualifies as one of the many alternative medicine in the holistic treatment of digestive disorders.
4. Licorice:
Licorice has been used for food and medicine for a long time, probably spanning for thousands of years. A type of licorice called DGL or deglycyrrhizinated licorice are usually the one to treat peptic ulcers and reflux also known as GERD.

Some of the symptoms of stomach ulcers are bloating, burping or acid reflux and heartburn. Often the result of inflammation caused by bacteria as well as erosion from stomach acids, peptic ulcers is fairly common health problems. Stomach ulcers, also known as gastric ulcers are sores in the stomach lining. It is a type of peptic ulcer.

Licorice on the other hand is known to relieve swelling and may also help relieve symptoms of indigestion, or gastroesophageal reflux disease also known as GERD.

In one study a licorice extract was used for six weeks to treat 100 people with stomach ulcers of whom 86 had already not improved with conventional medication. Within this timeframe ulcers disappeared in 22 people and a whopping 90% got better.

This is further proof that people suffering from heartburn can be treated holistically without a prolonged use of conventional medication such as antacids, RH receptor blockers, and proton pump inhibitors (PPI) which neutralize, reduce, or prevent the secretion of stomach acids. This is just one aspect of the many available alternative/holistic treatments that I talk about in my E-book.
5. Chamomile:
Chamomile is one of those traditional medicines that have been around for a long time. Used for calming anxiety and to settle stomachs it is considered a safe plant to use in herbal teas.

Its mild sedative effect soothes the stomach and relaxes digestive muscles.

Clinical studies have proven it to be effective with gas, upset stomach and nausea.
6. Gentian:
Aside from fighting inflammation, supporting the nervous system, boosting endurance and aiding heart health, Gentian is also used for digestion problems such as loss of appetite, fullness, intestinal gas, diarrhea, and heartburn.

It is quite possible where Gentian is widely used that it also increases saliva, bile and stomach acid... necessary components to having fewer digestive problems and to help guard our health.
7. Banana:
Acid reflux, heartburn, ulcers, stomach flu, burping, bloating, gas, abdominal pain, gastric problems, and other digestive issues could become detrimental to people's health if not taken care of. The problem is that we sometimes do not know or unsure where to start when we have a digestive issue.

Current medical treatment may, or may not be answer. There are other alternatives that can be done naturally. Proper digestion is a big factor in determining our well-being. Nutrients need to be adequately absorbed by our body for us to remain healthy and happy.

So why am I including bananas? The high potassium content of bananas helps ease the tension in the walls of our blood vessels. But that is not the only reason why I am including bananas as part of my E-book.

Bananas play an extremely important role to treat digestive issues in this E-book. And I canít wait to tell you how it does.

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Digestive Issues

Turmeric: The root of this plant or its constituent, Curcumin could help improve abdominal pain.
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2. Black Salt:
 Himalayan black salt is a rock salt that Ayurveda healers claim provides several health benefits. It has been acknowledge for its medicinal properties and its ability to cure bloating and acidity.

When used as an alternative to common salt, black salt is less processed thus is healthier. Also the alkaline properties of black salt help reduce acid in the stomach and its minerals help lessen damage caused by acid reflux.

This black salt from the Himalayan Mountains gives food a mild and smoky flavoring. It has a subtle, sulfurous aroma that when used in vegan cooking provides egg-like flavoring.

A natural blood thinner and detoxifier, black salt has many other uses such as reducing muscle cramps, spasms, blood clots, and cholesterol among others.

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